Make that transmission last, it’s simple!

Transmission Cut to show you the inside of it

Nothing works if your transmission doesn't work!  Simply put you are going nowhere without it and it is the one thing that both car and truck drivers alike never think twice about until it really acts up or they have no power or simply don't move forward.  Most of us have a newer car or truck with an automatic transmission in it vs. a standard transmission so do not notice that it is slipping gears until the problem is really serious so the question is how do you get the most out of your transmission?  The obvious answer is to take care of your transmission with scheduled service per your owner's manual recommendation but we have put together a simple checklist for our Bloomington, St. Paul, Eden Prairie, Crystal, Maplewood, and North Hugo drivers to help them become "transmission aware" as it were.


If it’s hot, cool it down & avoid high repair costs! EASY!

car broke down calling for help

Repairs are costly and we all want to avoid them including our team here at TGK Automotive Specialists!  It's our job and we take it seriously.  Here, it is all about keeping your car or truck serviced and looking for problems "before" they happen to avoid those high repair costs and ensuring you avoid any breakdowns when it's hot outside or cold outside as either is a problem for our Bloomington, St. Paul, Eden Prairie, Crystal, Maplewood, and North Hugo drivers!  Nobody can forsee a flat tire or blowout due to running over a nail, but we can avoid some of the regular issues we see all the time such as….


Take care of it or high repair bills? Which do you prefer?

Oil gunked up on an engine.

We see this with our fleet customers, our regular Bloomington, St. Paul, Eden Prairie, Crystal, Maplewood, and North Hugo car pool drivers and our diesel truck drivers so it isn't just one type of driver that ends up with a nightmare on their hands costing thousands of dollars to repair, asking about the costs of a JASPER replacement engine!  The fact is your driving habits and maintenance habits can easily avoid this issue!  6 EASY STEPS – Service, Tires, Don't Ignore Service Engine Lights, Keep it Clean & Stop Driving Crazy!


Brake Fluid – It’s a Problem! Why??

vehicle brake repair

There is a reason we check your brake fluid when you come in for a service check.  Maintenance pays big dividends and we want to avoid high repair costs for our Bloomington, St. Paul, Eden Prairie, Crystal, Maplewood, and North Hugo drivers.  Did you know that brake service isn't just all about the brake pads, drums & rotors?  That we have found low brake fluid to be the cause of a large percentage of brake issues here at TGK Automotive Specialists?  Seriously, brake fluid is an important part of your braking system and with your service intervals being less frequent on the newer vehicles 5,000-10,000 more miles this has become an issue!  Why?…


Attention: Ford Recall

ford vehicle

If you own a Ford vehicle you may be affected by this recall. According to CBS News, Ford recently announced a recall that affects over 1.3 million vehicles that are primarily located in North America. The recall was issued mainly due to problems with rear suspension and transmission control software.


Looks Like A Problem? YES!

Lady with car hood up - steam rising

Sometimes it is EASY to see if your car or truck needs to come into our shop for professional repairs! 
1.  You see steam rising from the engine!
2.  The Check Engine Light is on!
3.  The engine starts, but there is an odor that is not right.
4.  You hear grinding or thumping noises.


Happy Father’s Day!

father son working on car

Happy Father’s Day! The team at TGK Automotive Specialists would like to give our gratitude to all of the wonderful fathers out there! We know just how integral fathers are in the lives of all of us, so we encourage our team and customers to show their thanks today as well. If you’re a dad yourself, take time today to give yourself a pat on the back for everything you’ve done as a father. Thank you for everything you do! Now it’s time to soak in all the dad jokes and celebrate those who have helped shape all of our lives. Please continue to make TGK Automotive Specialists in Bloomington, St. Paul, Eden Prairie, Crystal, Maplewood, and North Hugo your number one trusted shop!


Top notch service.

I was sad that Market Tire was gone, they were my go-to place for tires. That being said, I went to TGK this morning for a screw in my tire and the service was excellent!! I will recommend them to anyone in the Crystal area. This is now my go-to tire place. Thank you for the top notch service!! – Jessica P (5 star review found on Facebook)

Very reasonable.

Best experience I’ve ever had with auto repair! Staff were great, very well organized front office. They did a great job on the repair, and very reasonable. I loved that they did a free inspection of everything, because I’m one of those people that can’t put air in my tires! Highly recommend! – Geri H (5 star review found on Facebook)

Very comfortable taking my car here.

I love this shop in Hugo!! Being a women you wonder…. this shop totally took care of my car and explained everything to me!! I will never go any where else! Tim treated me like family! Very comfortable here! – Chrissie B (5 star review found on Facebook)

Give them a try!

I think the Hugo shop is great. I have been taking my vehicles there for years. Everyone is so nice and they go out of their way to explain everything. I wouldn’t take my vehicles anywhere else. Give them a try!! You won’t be sorry. – Dianne K (5 star review found Facebook)

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