TGK Automotive Believes in Making A
Difference in Their Community

Here are some of the community projects they have been involved with recently.

Fall PINK Campaign Supports Breast Cancer Research

Breast cancer research gets a boost in the fall at TGK Automotive shops through the PINK wiper blade campaign. “We support breast cancer research by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of PINK wiper blades in our shops during the month of October,” notes Troy Kaplan, founder of TGK Automotive. These fun pink wiper blades can add some flair to a client’s vehicle or they can choose the black version that flaunts a small pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness. Just about every American has a family member or friend who has battled breast cancer, notes Alana Kaplan, who co-owns TGK Automotive with her husband Troy. “More than 2.6 million women in the United States have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and this is our way of helping to support them.”