About Us in Crystal, Bloomington, Hugo, Maplewood, Eden Prairie, St. Paul, St. Michael and Chanhassen, MN

Family Owned & Operated–TGK Automotive

Pick Up & Delivery Service

All of our auto repair shops throughout the Twin Cities employ ASE Certified technicians who’ve been providing
top-notch services to the community for over 21 years. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to compliment
our skills and experience. TGK Automotive has six top-notch facilities in Crystal, Bloomington, Hugo, Maplewood,
Eden Prairie, St. Paul, St. Michael and Chanhassen, MN. Each one is as committed to automotive excellence as the
next. Our shops maintain TGK Automotive’s highest standards for quality client and auto service. If you’ve been
to our shop once, then you’ve probably returned for other service needs. When you discover our shop’s level of
expertise and our superior client service, you’ll come back to us for all your auto service needs! Preventative
maintenance is the secret to your vehicle’s extended road-life and optimized performance. Not only do we get to
know your vehicle inside and out, but we also get to know you, our valued client. After we sit down with our
clients to figure out budget considerations, priority repairs and maintenance and driving habits, we can design
the most appropriate service plan for your vehicle. You’ll quickly start feeling like a part of our family!

Top-of-the-Line Standards

The repair process is supposed to be quick, convenient, and affordable. At least that’s the way it is at TGK
Automotive. Every time you visit one of our shop locations, you can know what to expect. Highly qualified and
experienced technicians don’t need all day to figure out what’s wrong with your vehicle and when our clients
drive away from our facility, they can trust that their repairs are complete and accurate. You won’t be
returning to our shop for the same repairs because we fix them correctly the first time. Your trust is the most
important reward to us. We will go above and beyond to meet and exceed all your expectations. Treating your
vehicle like one of our own is part of our top-of-the-line standards, in addition to all of the standards of being an ASA shop.
Experience better quality when you come to TGK Automotive. At our shop it’s not just about the vehicle, it’s
also about you. The most important component to any vehicle is its driver, and we understand that a qualified
technician must know how to service the vehicle as well as how to serve you.