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State-of-the-Art Tools & Technology

All Maplewood vehicles are welcomed at TGK Automotive. Our team performs auto repairs that keep your vehicle in optimal condition. We use the best quality parts for all repairs and parts replacements. The top priority for our shop is earning and keeping your trust. Some mechanics have given our profession a bad name by misdiagnosing vehicles and performing unnecessary repairs. Our team is only interested in you getting the best performance out of your vehicle. And we want you to save as much money as possible in the process. We understand that most of our clients are looking for a technician that will provide quick, accurate, and affordable repair solutions. Our Maplewood facility is one of our six locations and is the perfect example of our commitment to excellence. As vehicles are being designed and manufactured with more sophistication, our technicians continue to stay up to speed with technological advances. Whatever you’re driving today, you can bring it to TGK Automotive to make sure you’ll be driving it for as long as you need.

Minor & Major Engine Repairs

We’re ready to handle all of your auto repair needs, including brake repairs, engine repairs, transmission services, steering and suspension, exhaust repairs, differential repairs, and much more. With a team of ASE certified technicians, we’re able to help you avoid costly repairs altogether. It’s possible to enjoy your vehicle’s quality performance without spending lots of money on repairs and breakdowns. The key is preventative maintenance and effective service plans. We’ll keep you ahead of any performance issues. You can trust our technicians to perform timely and effective services that extend your vehicle’s road-life and enhance its overall performance. Our timely oil changes, tune-ups, diagnostic services, fluid services, lube services, and maintenance inspections find potential problems before they compromise performance. By visiting our shop on a routine schedule, we’ll make sure you stay road-ready. Protect your fellow passengers and other motorists by keeping your vehicle in excellent condition. All we need is your vehicle and your trust. We’ll handle the rest, keeping your vehicle free of all malfunctions and breakdowns.

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Let our Maplewood location take care of your vehicle’s needs. Our team is ready and waiting for your call. We’re a team of highly qualified technicians with the training and experience to meet your vehicle’s immediate and future needs. Quality maintenance services are meant to keep you in optimal condition, today and far into the future. We’re not just interested in today’s quality performance, but also your vehicle’s longevity. Give us a call today at our Maplewood shop–651-489-9455–to schedule an appointment. We’ll put your vehicle on the most appropriate service plan after solving all of your vehicle’s performance issues. Feel free to use our convenient online scheduling system.