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Here at TKG Automotive of Ham Lake our team specializes in snow removal plows. We deliver only the best in service and products for our drivers so we choose BOSS, SnowDogg, and Western Plows for snow and ice removal products.

Talk to our team about snowplows, snow removal equipment, salt spreaders, and snowplow parts by these 3 leading manufacturers.

When the job calls for snowplows, snow blades for your truck, tractor, ATV, or RTV you know the job will be done right when you hook it to our leading brands!

We carry a full line of truck snowplows, sand spreaders, snowplow manufacturer parts, multi-position plows, straight blade plows, poly plows, v plows, blades, smart hitch, pickup plows, motor grader plows, front end loader plows, skid steer plows, v box spreaders. If it is about snow removal, we have it! The smart choice is always the TGK Automotive of Ham Lake choice for snow removal!

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Made in Michigan's Upper Peninsula where winter and deep snow is a way of life, BOSS Snowplow products make life easier and bring winter in line!

BOSS began manufacturing snowplow in Iron Mountain, MI in 1985. In the early years, the company was focused on taking a revolutionary and untested product design and improving it to meet the quality and durability expectations of the commercial snow removal professional.

Today, BOSS is a leader in the snow and ice management business with a growing line up of plows for trucks, UTVs, and ATVs, salt and sand spreaders, and box plows built for the snow and ice management professional, as well as the homeowner. All products are designed for ease of use, quality, and durability. With a market competitive warranty, uncompromising quality, and high level of craftsmanship, BOSS has grown to be a leader in the sale of truck plows.

With distributors in the United States, Canada, and International markets, BOSS is recognized for its reliability, innovation, and performance-pillars. Those pillars drive the company as it continues to advance the production process for which all products are designed, tested, and built.

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SnowDoggs are the ideal snow plows for pickups like the Ford® F-150 and F-250, Chevy® Silverado 1500 and 2500, and RAM® 1500 and 2500. With heavy duty frames and standard 304 stainless steel blades, your SnowDogg is the only heavy duty snow plow your truck will ever need. From sidewalks to driveways and small parking lots to massive campuses, there's a SnowDogg for every application.

SnowDogg V-Blades

The VXFII and VMDII are perfect for contractors that tackle a variety of job sites. The ability to switch from straight blade mode to V or Scoop at the push of a button helps bust through dense snow and navigate tight spaces, and the powerful double-acting angle cylinders backdrag with ease. A trip edge design lets you confidently plow over gravel and uneven terrain without fear of losing the snow in front of your plow to unseen obstacles. These heavy-duty Doggs are designed for 3/4 ton+ pickups.

SnowDogg Straight Blades

There's a straight blade SnowDogg snow plow for pickup trucks of all sizes. The MDII is the best snow plow for half-ton pickups like the Ford F-150, Silverado 1500, and RAM 1500 as well as Jeeps and SUVs. It features the same rugged design and robust features as the larger plows. This makes it an amazing plow for driveways but also powerful enough to tackle commercial work. Many contractors send the MDII in after their larger trucks to clean up narrow alleys and other hard-to-access areas. Residential users and contractors alike love the RapidLink™ Attachment System. They can get their plow on and off their truck in under a minute, letting them quickly plow their driveway and get on with their day.

The HDII, EXII, TEII, XP, and CM are snow plows for larger trucks like the Ford F-250 and F-350+, Silverado 2500, and 3500+, and RAM 2500 and 3500+. Features like the Floating A-frame™ help the plows bite the pavement for a clean scrape, and the municipal style chain lift provides the strength needed to stack large amounts of heavy, wet snow. These plows are great for everything from small parking lots to massive campuses, and they all use the same vehicle mount for maximum fleet compatibility.

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Winter snow removal is about easy and Western makes it as easy as it gets. The UltraMount® 2 system is designed for fast and easy installation and removal using a simple mechanical system. It features a robust one-piece design and is 100% compatible with UltraMount® system mounts and electrical platforms.

Exclusive rotating pivot bar

The patented PIVOT BAR keeps the attaching points level even when the blade is not, for accurate drive-in alignment. It also allows the blade to pivot while plowing on uneven terrain for a cleaner scrape and more even cutting edge wear.

Durable Construction

The entire UltraMount 2 attachment is built upon a robust A-frame/T-frame construction with three-inch square tubing for extra strength and durability.

Talk to our team of professional technicians about snow removal and what equipment is right for your needs. When it comes to any kind of snow removal equipment for your truck, ATV, tractor, RTV at home, the farm, or office application we have it!

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